Colombian Fajas Post-Operation

It is widely known that Colombian fajas can help in toning the body, but they also have many other benefits which are especially very useful after undergoing a surgical operation.
Below are some of the main advantages of using a Colombian faja post-surgery:

Reduced Swelling:The even compression of Colombian fajas helps to increase blood as well as lymphatic circulation and therefore reduces inflammation. This will speed up the healing process and brings about quicker reduction of swelling.

Support and Stability:The operated region gets extra support from them that help keep the tissues stable so that sudden movements do not interfere with healing. This particularly is important after abdominal surgeries, liposuctions or body contouring procedures.

Prevention of Seroma and Hematoma:Seromas are prevented by continuous compression in fajas while hematoma formation is avoided thus facilitating uneventful recovery.

Enhanced Comfort:With reduced swelling and provision of support, Colombian fajas greatly enhance comfort during post-operation period. It allows you to go back into your daily routines faster with less pain experienced.

Enhanced Results:Once healed, you may end up with saggy skin or see results completely opposite to what you had hoped for because they fail to tighten the muscles.

Choosing the Right Faja:

When selecting a Colombian faja for post-surgical use, it is important to choose one that is made from high-quality materials and provides the appropriate level of compression. It is also important to consult with your doctor to ensure that wearing a faja is safe for you.

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